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Blue Pool access track now closed.
Holiday weekend ... but plenty of room.
More rain and fish to come.

More rain and fish to come.
Sun 8th October, 2017

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There was a brief respite in the awful Spring weather for the start of the school holidays. But since then its been a return to the wet and windy stuff on the Tongariro.

Flows fell back to thirty cumecs for a day or two but heavy overnight rain has bumped them back up to forty plus.I'm sure most non-fisho's are well and truly fed up with the seemingly never ending rain and showers. But its probably been one of the factors that has contributed to this years amazing fishing.

My mate Alan has been over from Oz for the past ten days and he's had a ball. He was last here a few years ago with his wife Cheryl but on that occasion she absoloutley trounced him .. so this time he sneaked off without her.

Most of the river has fished well. But a lot of anglers have been heading down river and you've had to be up early to be first in the Bain car-park. The stretch a little further up {in front of the lodge} is full of spawning rainbows which are easily spotted when the river is lower and clear. But now that flows have increased again they'll soon be joined by more fresh runners moving upriver. This whole stretch switches on big time when the river colours up and flows approach fifty.

Because of easy access and the obvious prescence of fish this particular stretch has become increasingly popular this year.

And as I mentioned a lot of the fish in the old "Stones" part of it are spawning.

But during a fresh you also get plenty of fresh run rainbows moving quickly through protected by the murky water.

Most anglers plump for globugs then...and nothing wrong with that. But as levels drop back and the water begins to clear you can have terrific sport here fishing naturals under the dry.

I've spent a lot of time upriver again this week ... making the most of it before the new gate prevents easy access to the TLB.

Thats not the only reason though.

For some time now my favourite town pool has been nowhere near as consistent as it used to be ... and Boulder Reach is a good alternative for some of the methods I enjoy using.

With a lot more anglers around this week {because of the school holidays} its been a well used pool. And has thrown up a lot of fish, particularly during the first half of the day.

I usually leave it until later in the afternoon when things have quietened down again and it sometimes pays off.

A little further up on the opposite bank the Fan has also been worth the walk ...and again its usually the early bird that does best there.

If you're careful as you approach you can usually spot a lot of fish in this picturesque part of the river.

Its a great pool for the indicator because it has a nice even flow. And with plenty of casting room, long drifts are easily achievable , allowing plenty of time for the nymphs to "get down".

The only problem is that snag just above the middle of the pool which is a pain in the arse!.

So again this week you can't really go wrong and there'll be a lot of happy anglers around.

Looking out across the lake its looking pretty grey again as I finish this but the flows have just dipped below 43 cumecs.

They've promised yet another miserable few days with thunder in places, so the river will probably be up and down like a yoyo. Thursday looks the pick of the week before a change in the weather again next weekend. Providing we don't get a huge dump of rain nothing much should alter and it'll be another good week on the Tongariro.

Its getting so easy out there now that Grant from Creel has opened a "drive thru" fishing experience at the Blue Pool ... his first customer ... who else ... Fransham!

Tight lines guys

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