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A river to yourself ...
Blue Pool access track now closed.
Holiday weekend ... but plenty of room.
More rain and fish to come.

Holiday weekend ... but plenty of room.
Sun 22nd October, 2017

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Although the main winter runs are over for another year there are still plenty of fish around. However things in general have slowed on the river and despite it being a holiday weekend it hasn't been as hectic as it was.

Don't get me wrong there are still heaps of visitors in town and all of the bach's and holiday homes where we live are full. But with more venues now open, angling pressure has eased a little on the Tongariro and you shouldn't have any problem finding somewhere to wet a line.

Fish numbers are high at this time of year and with a few "silvers " continuing to move up anglers are still taking limit bags.

Many of them now are post spawning fish in various stages of recovery but although some of the jacks look pretty banged about there have been some decent fish amongst them.

For most of this week we had a brief taste of "summer" and it was nice to fish in shirt sleeves again.

The river looks fantastic and it wasn't only anglers out there enjoying the sunshine.

Most days the rafting companies have been busy and you can usually hear the kids laughing long before they come into view.

Some fisho's get a bit peeved when half a dozen rafts float past but I don't think the fish are that bothered. I've often seen anglers hook up as soon as the rafts have drifted through.
Its worth trying the shallower runs and riffles now with lighter setups ... and makes a pleasant change from slinging out heavy bombs all day.

Every year around this time I start going on about the long dry and dropper {as I call it} but thankfully no one takes a blind bit of notice.

I often get the urine extracted for carrying three rods but all of them have their place.

I'm a lazy bugger and if I had to re-rig to fish a piece of water I'd probably walk past...this way I can fish more river.

If you take the time to learn where and when it works best you'll find its one of the most effective and versatile methods you can use on the Tongariro. I don't think I've ever come across anyone who hasn't enjoyed using it and for most it quickly improves their success rate.

Its one of the best ways I know to present an egg pattern in shallow water.

I was fishing such a place yesterday ... I could see fish and had made a couple of unsuccessful passes using "naturals". On went a jelly egg ...and I was in. Over the next hour I hooked several more, all jacks and one of them liked the rig so much he decided to take it with him.

Only a few days left before the new deadline for the closure of the Blue Pool track expires.

And again the upper river pools have been popular this week with both banks of Boulder Reach busy most days.

If you disregard the Bridge Pool its been one of the most consistent pools on the river so far this year. All methods work here and its becoming more popular than ever. Which means Red Hut Bridge will get a lot more foot traffic over the coming months.

Not too bad an outlook for the week ahead...showery outbreaks with things slowly warming up.

Insect activity is increasing all along the river and most days now you'll see a few fish rising.

Globugs will still take fish but they'll prove less effective as we head towards summer and often times now given the choice they'll grab the nymph instead.

I actually prefer the summer fishing on the river... nowhere near as many anglers around and you have to think a little bit about what you're doing. Plus it won't be long before it'll be worth targeting browns again.

Have a great week guys

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