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Creel Tackle / Vision Australia flyfishing clinic.

Creel Tackle / Vision Australia flyfishing clinic.
Sun 3rd June, 2018

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I spent the day yesterday at Creel Tackle's fly fishing clinic sponsored by Finnish tackle manufacturer Vision ... and what a fun day out it was. The morning session was presented by Antti Vapulla and Des Armstrong who have both represented their respective countries in fly fishing ... so we were in good hands.

Despite the fact that it was funded by one of Europe's biggest tackle companies and the idea was to promote the brand, you never felt this was the case and both of them did a great job.

Many of the advances in modern fly fishing methods and tackle stem from competition angling. However its not everyones cup of tea. But again they kept a nice balance and passed on a lot of great tips and tricks which could easily be applied to non-competitive situations.

After a break for lunch we all met up at the Hydro car-park to put theory into practice. This started with detailed advice from both Antti and Des on how to set up a Czech nymph leader. Then everyone interested in having a go was given individual attention once they waded out and started fishing.

With so many lined up in the pool and the fact it had already been fished I don't think any of us expected what happened over the next couple of hours.

I'll let some of the images speak for themselves...so if you hold the mouse on the bottom right of each pic for a few seconds it'll display some additional information.

Almost immediately Sporting Life's tribute to Osama Bin Laden waded to the far left hand side of the Hydro and hooked a rainbow. Grant had brought along his "eye in the sky" to record the day and as he positioned the drone above Andrew he spotted a couple of browns on the drones camera, just a little downstream from where he was still playing the fish.
After he'd released the rainbow he waded back to shore for a smoke and Grant told him about the browns. Back out he went and the fun began.
The first of a few browns landed during the afternoon. I think it was three in total but too be honest I lost count because several rainbows were caught as well and there was a lot going on.

I'm pretty sure Andrew had at least five fish altogether.

Our instructors for the day weren't left out of the action either Antti had already caught fish out of shot at the head of the pool and. now after changing to the Indicator Des hooks up another brown.

Some fish had quite obviously moved up but many of the techniques and tips demonstrated during the day played a part as well. There's no doubt that Czech nymphing and other tight line methods are here to stay on the Tongariro.

And Grantly is already discussing the possibility of another clinic with Antti and Des during the summer months. This will probably be spread over two days ... actually fishing the river. And involve both instructors working with four anglers each at a time.

When the dates are confirmed I'd get your name in early because I have a feeling they'll fill up fast.

Heavy rain in places tonight with a return to scattered showers for a time tomorrow.

Enjoy the rest of the holiday guys

Tight lines

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